muffin: Your Digital Insurance Buddy Explains German Health Insurance

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Guten Tag! We know that navigating the German health insurance system can be confusing, but don't worry! At muffin, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Understanding the Basics of German Health Insurance

In Germany, health insurance is a legal requirement for everyone, and the country's two-tier system includes statutory (public) and private health insurance. To make things simpler, let's break down the criteria that define your eligibility for each:

  • Employed Persons: Full-time employees can opt for either public or private health insurance, depending on their annual salary. Private health insurance may be a more affordable option if you're earning over €66,600 per year.

  • Self-Employed or Freelance Persons: Private health insurance is often the better option, due to better coverage and costs. In some cases, public health insurance may be achievable with specific conditions.

  • Students: If you're under 30, you can choose public health insurance at a reduced rate. Students over 30 can opt for expat health insurance or use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if they have one.

  • Working Students, Interns, and Job-Hunters: Different criteria apply depending on your situation, but just bear in mind that there are options for every stage in your life!

So, What Does Public and Private Health Insurance Cover in Germany?

While the coverage varies between public and private health insurance, the following services are typically covered by public/statutory health insurance:

  • Outpatient medical treatment

  • Inpatient treatment (hospital stays)

  • Dental care

  • Medication and medical aids

  • Pregnancy and childbirth (basic level)

Private health insurance often offers faster appointment times, more comprehensive plans, and specialized care. However, it is important to choose a plan that fits your needs and financial capabilities.

Let muffin Help You!

At muffin, we're designed to help you find the perfect insurance plan tailored to your lifestyle. Our services include:

  • We Do the Work: Our intuitive tool will help you find your recommendation for a monthly price and provider today.

  • It's Free: Our partnership with public health insurance providers allows you to use our services at no cost.

  • 100% Digital: The entire process is paper-free and conducted online, making it simple and fast.

  • English-First: We conduct the entire insurance process in English for those new to Germany who may not be fluent in German yet.

Now that you've gotten a quick overview of Germany's health insurance, reach out to muffin, your digital insurance buddy, for further guidance and assistance. We're here to help you make the right choice!