Everything about Legal Insurance


A reliable legal insurance can protect you from potential financial strain in case of a legal dispute, starting at around 200€ annually.

By making this investment, you not only ensure access to expert legal assistance but also minimize your personal financial burden in the event of a critical situation.

In legal disputes, the following cost examples illustrate what you could expect without and with legal insurance:

Less Costs, More Protection

Insured Areas

example 1

You find yourself in a situation where you have disputes with your insurer that need to be resolved in court. In such cases, the total costs can quickly exceed the threshold of €30.000.

example 2

A legal dispute with your employer can swiftly lead to total costs exceeding €7.000.

example 3

You’re involved in a traffic accident that results not only in property damage but also severe injuries. In this case, the total costs can quickly rise above €17.000.

With legal insurance, you only pay a deductible that you can choose, mostly around €150 - 500. Nothing else!

An initial consultation at a lawyer is always free, if no follow-up steps are planned!


Flight delays and travel inconveniences

Rejection of insurance claims

Product defects

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Everything related to your employment

Civil service employment


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